Research & Evaluation

Colton Strawser Consulting proudly announces its extensive partnerships with numerous nonprofits, forging collaborative relationships aimed at empowering organizations to uncover, cultivate, and assess their impact. Our team comprises experienced nonprofit experts and skilled community researchers with advanced doctoral training. With a shared vision of maximizing your nonprofit's resources, our research and evaluation services are dedicated to crafting programs tailored to address community needs while also providing comprehensive assessments that showcase the social impact achieved. Together, let us propel your organization towards greater success and meaningful change.

Needs Assessments

A robust needs assessment plays a pivotal role in program design, funding requests, and the effective resolution of community issues. At Colton Strawser Consulting, we understand the significance of this process and offer a comprehensive approach to needs assessments. Through meticulous data collection and analysis, we delve into normative, perceived, expressed, and relative needs. This holistic understanding enables your organization to construct a compelling case for support, backed by data, informed by best practices, and attuned to the experiences of individuals grappling with the identified problems. With our expertise, your organization can forge a solid foundation rooted in evidence, ensuring your programs effectively address the core challenges faced by the community.

Program Evaluation

Gaining insight into the efficacy of programs and services is vital for nonprofit organizations. Colton Strawser Consulting recognizes the importance of this understanding and offers comprehensive assistance in assessing program implementation and impact on clients served. Our expertise encompasses the development of logic models, program implementation plans, evaluation tools, and more. Utilizing diverse research methodologies, we collaborate closely with nonprofits and foundations to gather valuable information on the impact of programs and services. Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, we provide a comprehensive assessment that sheds light on the effectiveness of your organization's initiatives. Let us support you in uncovering the valuable insights that drive positive change and ensure your programs are making a real difference in the lives of those you serve.

Customized Research

Colton Strawser Consulting excels in crafting tailored research reports that deepen comprehension of community challenges. Our expertise in generating valid and reliable research empowers foundations and organizations to uncover the underlying issues and drive meaningful community change. By leveraging our services, organizations can position themselves as a thought leaders in their field, armed with invaluable information that maximizes resources. Our portfolio includes custom research reports that delve into various domains, such as nonprofit capacity building best practices, equity practices of grantmakers, and comprehensive community data profiles. We equip nonprofits with the knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions, foster positive transformations, and effectively address the needs of their communities.

Our research has garnered recognition and has been prominently featured in a diverse array of esteemed publications, including:

Recent Projects

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National Study on LGBTQ+ Nonprofits in the US


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Want To Know A Secret?

Organizations that effectively track and communicate their impact through quantifiable metrics are more likely to secure substantial funding. The key differentiator between a modest $10,000 grant and a game-changing $100,000 grant lies in the demonstrated outcomes.

Are you aware of the knowledge, attitude, behavior, skill, or position changes directly attributable to your programs? If you find yourself at a crossroads, let's engage in a conversation about measuring and effectively communicating your impact. Together, we can explore strategies to capture and showcase the transformative outcomes generated by your organization, propelling you towards greater visibility and support.

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