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We specialize in providing comprehensive services in fundraising and philanthropy for nonprofit organizations and foundations. Both nonprofit organizations and grantmakers work with us to make raising and distributing funds effective for both side. 

Recognizing that our consulting practice is unique in that we work with funders and grantee, we do not actively raise funds for nonprofits from foundations. We are happy to provide a referral to a grant writer that can support you in your mission; however, we are intentional in not providing this service so both types of clients can trust that we have their best interests in mind. 

We understand the importance of a strong and purposeful fundraising plan to ensure the sustainable operations of your organization. Our team is here to guide you in developing an effective plan and assist you in applying for impactful grants.


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Fundraising for Impact

At Colton Strawser Consulting, we bring years of expertise and a deep understanding of the vital role that fundraising plays in supporting nonprofit organizations' missions. We have a proven track record of assisting numerous organizations in developing the necessary funds to propel their missions forward.

Fundraising is not merely a means to an end for us; it is a passion and a commitment to empowering organizations like yours to make a lasting impact. Our team of experienced professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of fundraising strategies and techniques, enabling us to guide you through the process with precision and effectiveness.

We understand that every organization is unique, with its own set of goals, challenges, and target audience. That's why our approach is highly customized and tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are seeking to launch a capital campaign, expand your donor base, diversify your funding sources, or optimize your existing fundraising efforts, we have the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way.

With our guidance, you can expect not only to achieve your fundraising goals but also to develop a sustainable and robust fundraising plan that aligns with your organization's mission and values. Together, let's unlock the potential for your organization to secure the necessary funds and resources to drive meaningful change in your community and beyond.

Government Grants

Colton Strawser Consulting is unique as we specialize in government contracting and significant grants ($500,000+). In fact, we have three federally qualified grant reviewers on our team. Federal applications often take a lot of time and effort, as well as specialized skills, but the awards can infuse millions into communities.

Government grants vary in size, but usually start at $500,000 and can be over multiple years. We assist organizations in designing projects to fit government contracting needs and requirements, write compelling narratives on the identified need, and draft a budget in line with government requirements. Government grants can take over 100 hours to complete, and generally have less than 60 day turnaround from release to submission deadline. Check out our government funding case studies or get started with our Government Grants Readiness Assessment.

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Case Study
The Bridge - Dallas, TX

Colton Strawser Consulting supported The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center in securing a five-year, $25 MILLION contract with the City of Dallas.

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Funding agencies we have worked with in the past include:

A Partnership for Success

Colton Strawser Consulting focuses primarily on government grants, recognizing the importance of specializing in a specific area rather than attempting to be experts in everything. We have formed a valuable partnership with IPM Advancement, a reputable organization based in Arizona, with consultants and clients nationwide. Our approach to fundraising is rooted in data-driven insights, assisting organizations in crafting compelling cases for support.

While our expertise lies in strategic support and developing strong cases for support, we collaborate closely with our esteemed colleagues at IPM for direct fundraising assistance. Whether you require a feasibility study for a capital campaign, a revamp of your annual fund, or a comprehensive review of your fundraising data to optimize results, we leverage the expertise of the IPM Advancement Consulting Network. Our team of experienced consultants, carefully selected from across the country, works synergistically to advance your fundraising strategies.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with you and our trusted partners at IPM Advancement, combining our strengths to propel your organization's fundraising endeavors to new heights.


  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Capital Campaigns Consulting & Management
  • Annual Fund Program Management
  • Leadership & Major Gifts
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Fundraising is NOT The Problem.

In our experience, when we inquire about the primary challenge faced by nonprofits, the overwhelming response, around 99% of the time, is "Fundraising." However, we believe that a fundraising problem is often a manifestation of an underlying issue within the organization. We have observed that when organizations achieve harmony across all management functions, fundraising becomes a much simpler endeavor. Nonetheless, we can assure you that there is likely an underlying problem causing your fundraising difficulties, and our organizational development and change services can address and resolve it.

By engaging our expertise in organizational development, we can identify and tackle the root cause of your fundraising challenges. Through a comprehensive analysis of your organization's various functions, we will determine the most effective approach for you to raise funds. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs and takes into account the alignment and optimization of your other operational areas.

At Colton Strawser Consulting, we recognize that successful fundraising is intimately connected to the overall health and efficiency of your organization. By addressing any underlying organizational issues, we can help you overcome your fundraising obstacles and pave the way for sustainable financial growth.


Grantmaking Toward Impact

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations like yours, and we are here to provide comprehensive services that empower you to make a lasting impact.

At Colton Strawser Consulting, we specialize in helping foundations identify their impact while improving their grantmaking practices — ensuring efficient and effective allocation of resources. But our services go beyond grant management. We are dedicated to enhancing the capacity of the nonprofit community you serve. Through our capacity-building support, we help organizations strengthen their operational capabilities, foster collaboration, and achieve sustainable growth.


Equity is at the core of our approach. We recognize the importance of implementing equitable practices within grantmaking processes to foster diversity, inclusivity, and fairness. Our team of experts will work closely with foundation staff, board members, and grantees to develop and implement strategies that promote equitable distribution of resources and amplify the voices of marginalized communities.

As an international expert in community philanthropy, Dr. Colton Strawser has studied and consulted with many foundations over the years to ensure that grantmakers can go from transactional funder to transformational leaders in their local communities. 

Community Leadership is a blend of different leadership principles and is focused on working alongside communities to help them achieve the goals they define for themselves. 

“Foundations act as community leaders when they engage individuals or groups within a particular community to collectively establish goals and guide them toward the achievement of those goals to achieve a civic outcome.” - Dr. Colton Strawser

Use Our Experience to Inform Your Future

At Colton Strawser Consulting, we possess first-hand experience in the intricacies of grantmaking, which uniquely positions us to support your organization's efforts. Our comprehensive services cater to your specific needs, empowering you to achieve your mission and make a meaningful impact in the communities you serve.

At Colton Strawser Consulting, we understand that foundations are nonprofit organizations too, and we take pride in offering specialized services to support grantmakers in their mission-driven work. In addition to our comprehensive services for nonprofits, we provide a range of specialized solutions tailored specifically for grantmakers. Our most sought-after services are highlighted below:


Create a community leadership agenda to help your community thrive


Create a blueprint for your foundation's leadership and grantmaking initiatives


If foundations require grantees to evaluate their impact, they need to as well

Family & Youth Philanthropy

Family foundations and youth engagement in philanthropy is how we got started!

Tools for Foundations to Drive Community Change

Gear Up For Impact - Capacity Building and Coaching for Nonprofits

Build Strong Organizations

The program focuses on growing grantee capacity through organizational assessment and coaching to help enhance adaptability, leadership, management, and organizational culture.

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Program Design Academy - A Capacity Program for Nonprofits to Design, Development, or Expand Effective Programs

Support Effective Programs

Effective programs change communities; however, many organizations struggle with this important task. This program includes webinars, coaching, and assessments to help nonprofits elevate their programs.

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Community Foundations as Community Leaders: A Comprehensive Literature Review and Future Framework

Learn About
Community Leadership

Dr. Colton Strawser put together a literature review of the origins of community leadership for community foundations that can apply to all grantmakers. Learn how to expand your community leadership.

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