Organizational Development & Change

We are firm believers that the key to achieving sustainable change lies in granting access to knowledge, strategy, and capacity building. Enhancing and cultivating your organization as a well-oiled machine entails a continuous and methodical approach to implementing effective methods for organizational change. When it comes to organizations, we often draw parallels to cars – it is crucial to consistently adapt, carry out essential repairs and maintenance, and have a clear direction for your organization in order to achieve optimal effectiveness. We wholeheartedly engage with nonprofits, getting our hands dirty and delving beneath the surface to identify opportunities that guarantee peak performance for the organization.


Organizational and Capacity Assessments

Organizational assessments help you identify what developmental stage your organization is in and assists in determining the best way to move to the next stage (i.e., strategic planning).

Core Capacity
Assessment Tool

The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) is an online, survey-based tool designed to collect information from key decision-makers in an organization and create prioritized recommendations for building organizational capacity.

Identify Strengths & Opportunities

Operations & Service Delivery Audit 

A comprehensive evaluation that examines the efficiency and effectiveness of your organizational processes, systems, and service delivery methods. We identify areas for improvement, streamline operations, and optimize service quality.

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Fundraising  Effectiveness Review

Our Review offers a thorough evaluation of your organization's fundraising strategies, tactics, and outcomes. This comprehensive analysis identifies actionable insights to maximize your fundraising potential and achieve greater impact.

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Organizational Development

After pinpointing a challenge or a series of challenges, we possess the expertise to assist you in crafting effective solutions to address the problem at hand. Organizational development, in essence, refers to enhancing your organization's operations to attain optimal performance.

This includes various aspects such as restructuring the organization with updated reporting lines, guiding your staff through a revamped data collection and evaluation process, modifying existing procedures, and implementing other necessary adjustments.

It's important to note that not all industry "best practices" suit every organization. Therefore, let's collaborate to identify how we can support you in accomplishing your mission without exhausting your resources.


Strategic Planning

Whether you need to update an existing plan or embark on creating your first strategic plan, we are here to provide comprehensive support throughout the strategic planning process. Our assistance includes conducting stakeholder surveys, facilitating focus groups, conducting market research, facilitating meetings, and organizing board retreats. By utilizing these methods, we aid you in identifying your organization's strengths and weaknesses, and subsequently developing targeted plans to address them. To guide the strategic planning process and uncover opportunities for enhancing organizational effectiveness, we often employ the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT®). Our aim is to ensure that your strategic plan is not just a document collecting dust on a shelf, but a dynamic blueprint that inspires actionable steps for your organization.

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