Jolene Loretta Strawser

Senior Vice Pawsident

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Jojo is the Senior Vice Pawsident of Colton Strawser Consulting, and takes her job very seriously, while wagging her tail the entire time!

With a woofing three years of experience in tail wagging, belly rub management, and tennis ball retrieval, Jojo has successfully climbed the corporate doggy ladder to become the top doggo in charge of company morale and human resources!

Armed with her extensive knowledge of chew toys, she's always on the sniff-out for new ways to boost employee happiness and client engagement. Jojo firmly believes that a wagging tail a day keeps the stress away!

When she's not busy organizing spontaneous office games of fetch or arranging lunchtime belly rub sessions, Jojo can be found patrolling the hallways, ensuring that all employees are sufficiently covered in doggy kisses. If you need a good dose of love, just give Jojo a wink, and she'll be there with a slobbery kiss in no time! 😘

Jojo attended PetSmart Training Academy for puppy and intermediate training, as well as a special course on brain games where she learned her colors and how to read a few words. She is a fan of local parks, treats, spending time with her dog friends, and has been named the Prom Queen at her daycare for three years running.